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In 1997 we were asked by the buyer of a company who serviced the irrigation industry to supply lead
wires for the solenoids they manufactured. Their past supplier became unreliable, so they were looking
for an alternative. Working alone, in his home basement, our founder produced 125,000 units in the first
month. The customer was very impressed with the quality, and awarded an order for 250 000 wires for
the next month. Help was hired, commercial space rented and Connecting Products, Inc. formed. Soon
we were supplying 8,000,000 carefully cut and stripped lead wires per year.
Within a year, our first customer was bought by a larger company, and Connecting Products, Inc.
became their approved supplier. Pretty soon, we impressed our new customer with clever solutions to
their long-troubling problems and they gave us more products to make. During the next 24 years, our
relationship developed, and we now presently supply over 200 components. We not only distribute. We
solve problems and reduce cost. Consequently, our reliable 100% on time delivery, perfect matching of
requirements, and competitive pricing has made us the choice supplier for substantial customers. We
encourage our employees to work in a flexible creative manner. All ideas are considered. Everyone can
maximize their potential. Our longevity is assured by our business principle of putting earnings back into
the business and suggested by Shakespeare’s advice: “…neither a lender nor a borrower be…”
Now, we are growing from being a supplier for substantial OEMs. CPI is developing our own products.
We do this with passion. We love what we do. We have many patented ideas. Our efforts include unique
designs for latching solenoids, valves and other equipment for residential, golf course, park and
agriculture irrigation. Also, we get involved whenever we see a good opportunity in home appliances
and other applications. We have no fear of the new and unusual. For example, we make electric vehicle
components. Yes, we contribute to improving the environment with energy saving, water control and
general efficiency. The future work of CPI will adhere to providing 100% on time delivery, reliable
functional products and attractive pricing. We have an ongoing goal: That is to provide the absolute best
service to our immediate customers, end users and others who need our help.

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