About Us

Connecting Products, Inc. is a private corporation, registered in New Jersey, and was established in 1998. We have offices in Skillman, New Jersey, and a factory and warehouse in El Paso, Texas, as well as international facilities. We provide importing and exporting services , engineering services, machine building, and manufacturing, for industrial customers.

Everybody who works at CPI has a high level service attitude. When we hire, the first thing we look at in a prospective employee is an enthusiastic willingness to contribute to the well being of everybody, most importantly our Customers. We only send the very best to our customers. If they have a problem, we work hard to solve it. If they want something, we try our hardest to find it, or make it, and provide it. When we hear of the slightest dissatisfaction,  we listen, step up, and fix it right away. We want our customers to count on us, and think of us as number one.

Being number one is our ultimate goal. We live by the ideas of the famous American football coach, Vince Lombardi, when he expounded on what it takes to be number one. “You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all of the time…” In the things we do, we check, we double check, we triple check, and if that is not enough, we quadruple check! If things occasionally go wrong, we make no excuses, we just hurry up and make things right.

What this all means is that when you do business with us, you are assured of the very best quality, delivered exactly on time. In our entire fifteen year existence, we have never caused a customer to change plans because of late delivery. We are never late! And, you get all this at a competitive price, usually at a level that makes a change to our source highly advantageous.

Although we want all of your business, we realize that you must test us, so we will be happy to solve a problem for you first. If you have any part of your supply, which is not performing, at what you would call a top-notch level, allow us an opportunity to show you how it should be done.

Please take a look at the scroll of products we presently supply. Then when you experience what will be our excellent performance, we invite you to try us with a more demanding new challenge. Every product we presently supply (many different types of products, over thousands of millions annual quantity), was once a new adventure and we want to tackle more.

We perform for every customer to the best level we can achieve.  We realize every moment that we would not exist without our customers, so we provide the best possible customer service.